About Us

The Welter Law Firm is a national employment law firm, founded by Eric A. Welter in 2000, focused on providing practical solutions to the complex employment law issues companies face today. Our philosophy is to minimize unnecessary conflict while helping our clients to maintain positive business relationships throughout their workforce. When faced with the unavoidable disputes that arise, we immediately bring the firm’s experience and resources to bear on resolving the dispute in the most cost-effective manner possible. When a dispute requires a more assertive approach, our attorneys understand how to aggressively prosecute a case to bring about the most favorable outcome possible.

Disputes are unavoidable. Protect your business with experienced, dedicated attorneys.

The Welter Way

The Welter Way places the utmost importance on client service with integrity and honesty, as well as excellence in the delivery of legal service and dedication to hard work. Our attorneys take into account the full range of factors that impact your business in each matter we address.

By accounting for these considerations at every stage of an issue, we provide our clients with business-focused solutions to assist them in achieving the most important objective with employment law — effectively managing risk.

When a matter warrants or requires litigation, our understanding of the full scope of issues at hand has enabled us to support positive outcomes for our clients.

The overall solution is a consistent, well-formulated and comprehensive approach to employment law as a strategic priority across their organization.

Serving Our Clients

In contrast to the common approach of many law firms that develop a ‘one-size-fits-all’ process and apply it across every client and matter they address, Welter collaborates with each client at the most senior levels to develop business and legal strategies for managing risk as our clients build and manage complex workforces.

Many of our clients do business in multiple states (and some do business in every state), developing and managing teams in numerous unique jurisdictions. Others own and operate multiple companies, divisions and subsidiaries, each of which requires its own unique legal strategies and solutions.

As a result of our national expertise and proven results serving some of America’s largest employers, Welter is ideally positioned to provide comprehensive counsel that recognizes the simultaneous need for addressing business objectives; industry compliance requirements; unique jurisdictional issues; and talent/culture considerations.