It is challenging to manage employees in the healthcare sector, such as hospital systems, nursing home networks, assisted living facilities, physician groups, outpatient clinics, and in-home care organizations. Our firm understands the balance that healthcare employers must strike between complying with the rights of employees and providing critical care for patients.

Balance the rights of employees and patients. 

Our firm works with healthcare industry clients to ensure compliance under ever-changing laws specific to the healthcare sector, including laws pertaining to mandatory breaks, flexible scheduling, and minimum staffing requirements. Our representative have experience advising and defending non-profit and for-profit healthcare industry employers.


Solutions for Healthcare:

  • Advising clients on issues related to alternative work arrangements, meal and rest breaks, and overtime considerations unique to healthcare employers;
  • Counseling clients on compliance with the ADA and accommodation issues in the healthcare environment;
  • Assisting clients with compliance under HIPPA and other privacy laws;
  • Advising clients on issues regarding hospital-physician relationship, including issues related to physicians as independent contractors and related employment and/or executive agreements;
  • Preparing healthcare employer workplace policies to comply under federal, state, and local regulations; and
  • Defending healthcare industry employers against individual or class claims of wage and hour violations, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other employment-related claims.