Hiring, Performance Management & Termination

Issues may arise during the employment life cycle — from hiring to separation. These issues can be compounded by inconsistent application of employment policies and procedures or inaccurate and incomplete documentation. Consistent and efficient implementation and management of employment practices throughout the employment life cycle is essential to maintaining positive employee relations, effectively creating an inclusive work environment, and avoiding litigation.

Cultivate a thriving work environment through your employment life cycle.

We work with clients to develop and implement practices across the full breadth of employment related issues that may arise during the employment life cycle. This includes advising employers on how best to modify existing policies and procedures and how to enhance current activities or develop new strategies for cultivating and managing the workforce effectively and in compliance with applicable law.

The firm understands that this process begins with the talent acquisition and recruitment practices, as even an improperly written job description can expose companies to risk during the employee application stage and further into the employment relationship. Our attorneys review and provide advice on pre-employment processes including job descriptions; candidate interviews, evaluation and selection; pre-employment drug screenings; reference checking, online research and other background screening practices.

Once an employee is selected, the firm can guide clients through the process of creating and extending an offer of employment, as well as developing employee training and orientation programs. We also work with clients to develop and implement performance evaluation procedures to ensure that evaluations are fair and accurate and that disciplinary issues are thoroughly documented. In addition, we assist employers in designing and implementing procedures regarding employee grievance management and the voluntary or involuntary termination process when the employment relationship ends.