Leaves of Absence

Leave of absences can be difficult for employers to manage, both from a business standpoint and a legal standpoint. When addressing an employee’s request for a leave of absence, employers must consider the demanding requirements of federal laws including the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as state and local laws, such as paid sick leave. Increased scrutiny into decisions regarding leaves of absence makes it imperative that employers approach their decisions concerning employee leave carefully.

Ensure your leave of absence policies comply with complex and changing laws.

Taking these factors into account, our attorneys work with employers to develop and review leave of absence policies, including paid time off, paid sick leave, and vacation policies, as well as train employers and employees in how best to implement new or revised leave policies. The firm also drafts related policies that can affect employee leaves of absence, such as attendance, reasonable accommodation, and workers’ compensation policies. Additionally, the firm works with employers and human resources professionals to resolve specific leave issues that may not easily fit a given policy. Our attorneys provide clients with effective, practical solutions to leave of absence requests and assist clients in recognizing their often intricate legal duties when determining how to respond to leave of absence requests.