Employers in the hospitality sector, including hotel, restaurant, fitness, and resort operators, contend with a complex range of challenges. Our firm understands that a hospitality business must operate under numerous laws regarding employees, public accommodations, and safety, as well as constant pressure to maintain or increase the business’s profitability. Our firm appreciates that our hospitality client’s personnel must be trustworthy and well trained in order to deliver a quality customer experience that drives the financial success of the business.

Develop policies that serve your company, from training to claims.

Our firm understands the demands of the hospitality industry, and our attorneys work with hospitality businesses to develop and implement strategies that are suited to the unique conditions of a hospitality workforce. Our representation in the industry includes evaluation, development and implementation of workplace policies and procedures, and defense of claims.

Solutions for Hospitality:

  • Federal, state and local wage and hour issues including tip pooling, split shifts, donning and doffing, on-call time, reporting time, uniform purchase and maintenance expenses, and meal and rest breaks;
  • Compliance with growing number of state and local predictive scheduling laws;
  • Compliance under Title VII, Section 1981 of the Civil Rights Act of 1886, the Americans with Disability Act, and state and local counterparts regarding employee discrimination and harassment; and
  • Discrimination claims made by customers and guests, including public accommodation claims raised under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Acts.

Our team works with your business to review, update, and/or draft compliant employee handbook policies and procedures that may avoid future litigation or administrative complaints. Additionally, we provide on-site, computer, and web-based training for supervisors regarding hiring, firing, and employee management to help avoid future harassment or discrimination claims. For hospitality management and leadership personnel, we also prepare comprehensive management and executive agreements, including noncompetition, nonsolicitation, nondisclosure, and severance agreements.