In today’s complex compliance environment, companies must quickly investigate and address potential misconduct. Whether the situation involves internal misconduct or harassment, or implicates public health and safety, the firm can help clients navigate the difficult process of investigation and remediation.

Minimize disruptions with effective workplace investigations.

The firm also develops and implements policies and procedures for other forms of workplace investigations, such as those involving accusations of drug-free policy violations, falsification of records, or misuse of confidential information. Additionally, in order to create a more streamlined investigation process, the firm can help employers designate appropriate roles and responsibilities for those involved in the process, including managers, human resources professionals, executives, and in-house counsel.

Representative Experience:

Eric Welter was hired as an expert witness by another major employment law firm in a sexual harassment lawsuit to conduct an independent investigation. Mr. Welter interviewed multiple witnesses and reviewed employer records in order to prepare an expert report regarding the company’s initial response to the complaint of sexual harassment and remedial measures. Plaintiff’s counsel took Mr. Welter’s deposition in the underlying lawsuit as well.