Whether fully established or still in startup mode, technology companies must proactively manage their workforce in order to recruit and retain the best talent that makes up a company’s innovative and competitive edge. Employers in the tech industry are forward thinking and evolving as fast as the technology they produce. Our firm understands that tech employers need a legal team that can work with forward thinking companies that can adapt to the needs of the tech industry under the constraints of the law while business grows. We monitor, advise, and defend on many tech-related employment issues so that tech employers can focus on creation, production, and growth.

Protect your intellectual property with procedures that evolve as quickly as your tech. 

Our team of attorneys understands and can advise you on effective strategies for managing talent, protecting intellectual property, maintaining workforce excellence, and ensuring compliance as your company grows and enters new markets. From employment handbooks and employee job classification planning to non-compete agreements and protection of intellectual property through nondisclosure and key hire contracts, our firm can create a comprehensive solution for your technology business.


Technology Solutions:

  • Reviewing and preparing workplace privacy and data security policies;
  • Advising regarding classification of employees under the executive, administrative, and computer professional exemption under federal and state laws;
  • Developing flexible workplace policies solutions to maintain desired company culture while ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Counseling regarding compliance under data privacy and security laws;
  • Preparing non-disclosures, confidentiality, trade secret and proprietary agreements, as well as employment agreements, equity incentive plans, and covenants not to compete, solicit, or recruit; and
  • Defending technology companies against individual or class claims of wage and hour violations, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other employment-related claims.