Employers understand that the key to legal and regulatory compliance is often proactive training of company human resources professionals and supervisors. Training programs not only educate employees regarding workplace policies and procedures but can also prevent future legal disputes where training and workplace education is properly implemented and enforced. Although training programs regarding employment law are powerful compliance tools, employers are too often faced with difficult financial priorities, time constraints, and other business pressures that take precedence over employee training.

Avoid future legal action with proactive employee training.

Our firm offers our clients nationwide training and workplace education regarding federal, state, and local law compliance that is specifically tailored to the unique needs of each employer. Our depth and range of knowledge comes from our attorneys’ years of nationwide litigation experience, our work with local counsel, and our employee relations counseling practice. This experience translates to effective nationwide training and workplace education for all employers without having to expend significant resources.

We offer training presentations to human resources professionals regarding legal updates in employment law and regulation, including the most recent state and local law developments; training regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and related disability, accommodation, and leave of absence issues; training regarding joint employment issues and strategies to protect clients from joint employer liability; and training regarding effective workplace investigations conducted by human resources professionals. Our firm offers additional training to both human resources professionals and supervisors regarding best practices for performance management, as well as state-mandated training, such as California’s required sexual harassment training for managers. In addition to designing and implementing workplace training programs, our firm’s attorneys give frequent lectures and training presentations to general counsel and other attorneys regarding employment law issues that impact their clients in all practices and industries.