Executive Employment and Separation Agreements

Senior executive-level employees and officers (C-level executives) have interests apart from those of the corporations or businesses they serve. As leaders, C-level executives take on risks unlike other employees and confront employment related issues regarding their hiring and termination, compensation and benefits, job duties and responsibilities, stock options, change-of-control arrangements, severance pay and benefits, covenants not to compete, confidentiality agreements, indemnification agreements, and trade secrets, among others. The outcome of each of these issues is critical, especially during the negotiation phase of hiring or subsequent disputes, and can significantly impact an executive’s livelihood, reputation, and future business prospects.

Ease C-Level transitions with comprehensive employment agreements.

Our firm represents C-level executives across many industries, and we understand the spectrum of issues that may arise from the beginning of the employment relationship to its termination. We work with high ranking employees to negotiate the best possible terms of employment, both at the beginning of the employment relationship through its end. We work on behalf of clients to negotiate better compensation, benefits and separation terms, we work with executives to analyze and fully understand the terms of their agreements and the obligations owed to the company after the employment relationship ends, and we counsel executives on the most effective and beneficial exit strategies upon parting ways with an employer. Should a dispute regarding terms arise between an executive and an employer, our firm will vigorously advocate for our client’s interests in resolving the matter amicably and efficiently.

Representative Experience:

After nine years of bankruptcy proceedings, our clients recovered 100% of unpaid severance owed to a group of former executives of the bankrupt airplane manufacturer pursuant to their employment agreements. In re Dornier Aviation (North America), Inc. [PDF – 130 KB], 2002 WL 31999222 (Bankr. E.D.Va. 2002).

The firm represented a C-level executive in negotiating his separation of employment during the challenging sale of his employer’s business. The firm successfully enforced the terms of the executive’s Employment Agreement, while also negotiating the terms of his Separation Agreement, Stock Purchase Agreement, and a prorated bonus.