Workplace Privacy and Data Security

Regardless of the number of employees, workplace privacy and data security issues have become a prominent concern to employers, as the use of technology in the workplace has grown and significantly impacted the workplace. Not only is employer technology being used for personal and professional communications, employers are harnessing technology to monitor employees through email habits, Internet usage, and social media presence, among others. The blended use of technology in the workplace has introduced a number of issues and risks regarding workplace privacy preservation and security.

Shield your company’s sensitive data with stringent privacy practices.

Privacy practices in today’s employment environment involve a wide range of considerations, from securing employee health information in compliance with HIPAA to protecting leave of absence information and other personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive content. The firm works with clients to design a system for protecting, managing, and securing private employee information in compliance with federal and state laws.

In addition to employee privacy, employers must consider company privacy and security, both in terms of physical information and digital data. The firm evaluates clients’ current practices used to store and secure company and employee information, and our attorneys identify potential areas of risk. The firm works closely with clients to strengthen employment practices, including pre- and post-employment practices regarding privacy and data retention in order to safeguard sensitive information and minimize the risk of a data breach. As part of this process, our attorneys advise clients on how to implement practices that balance an employer’s need to use or disclose certain information with any confidentiality and privacy concerns.