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What should entertainment industry employers know for operating or locating productions in Texas?

Entertainment industry companies face many unique challenges in in the area of employment law. Irregular schedules, unpredictable work, and a competitive atmosphere are just some of the aspects of the entertainment world which can cause headaches from an employment law standpoint. The entertainment industry encompasses a wide variety of jobs in a diverse range of mediums, including television, film, radio, music, theater, video games, and more. Technology and the Internet have also had far reaching effects on the entertainment industry, allowing entrepreneurs and independent entertainment groups new opportunities to develop and share their own entertainment content. With new opportunities and substantial growth in the industry comes a need for awareness of employment related laws that apply to the entertainment industry so that entertainment-related companies can avoid common pitfalls and costly litigation.

Operating in Texas: A Primer for Employment Law Issues in the Entertainment Industry” (PDF 244 KB) provides an overview of employment related laws and issues that may arise in the entertainment industry. This white paper is tailored to entertainment-related companies and employers operating or looking to locate production in Texas. While tailored for employment operation in Texas, this white paper also provides an overview of relevant federal laws that are applicable to all entertainment industry employers.

Because of the unique employment related issues that can arise in the entertainment industry, compliance with employment laws is not always easy or straight forward. Entertainment industry employers who invest time in understating their obligations under relevant employment laws may reduce the risk of liability and exposure to a lawsuit.


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